Time to Cycle, Time to Plant Trees


Time To Cycle have embarked on an ongoing project to connect with individuals, community groups, schools and organisations who are planting trees for environmental reasons. The aim is to help create a strong, dependable and committed volunteer sector for tree planting, allowing organisations to aim bigger, to expand their tree planting capabilities and get more trees in the ground.

Time To Cycle hopes that these events are always a fun, social experience for every individual involved, a great way to meet new friends and feel part of a growing community, working together to fix global problems on a local basis.

At each event the emphasis is on finding local or regional groups and individuals to plant in their communities. You are encouraged to give your contact details to your local organisations so that they can give you info on future plantings, thus, after every event, the local volunteer group grows in numbers and experience.


Forests and woodlands play a mighty role in the carbon cycle. They filter toxins from the air, absorb CO2, protect against soil erosion, slow the wind and absorb the suns rays, creating cooler more stable conditions below the canopy. They create essential habitat for countless species and without them we would not be here.

“It’s quite satisfying to know you’ve had a specific, tangible positive impact on the land itself – it feels more real than clicking a petition or texting a few quid to a charity. The work is physical but not backbreaking, and my brother and I got quite competitive with our numbers! I went to bed tired and happy, nurturing the hope that I personally had managed to make a small dent in a massive global.”

Anthony, Lewes Green Party

Thanks Time to Cycle for organising the tree planting day. It was great to get outside and meet some brilliant people. It felt like a really positive way to spend a day. I loved seeing our progress, as a group we planted 760 trees in a few hours, which gave me a real buzz.

Lucy Dance, Brighton

Last weekend I took part in the first (of many, hopefully) Time To Cycle organised tree planting events. I’ve been on plenty of protests in the last few years, which have their place, but to be doing something really practical and useful felt really good. The fresh air and good company was a bonus too! About 20 of us came together in the beautiful Sussex countryside to plant trees near the river xxx – By the time they’ve matured, they will provide shade and shelter in a world likely to be a couple of degrees warmer. It was so great to get out into the fresh air, do some physical work (although don’t worry, you don’t need to be super-fit to do it), and do something positive. By the end of the 5 hour session we’d planted around 700 trees between us. It certainly felt better than going Christmas shopping for dead ones…

Joe Downey, London

“There are few actions that have come to symbolise so much in the modern World as planting a tree, yet it’s far more than just a symbol. The oxygen in the air we take for granted is produced by the trees. Reforesting large swathes of land is an essential part of tackling many global problems. We become so accustomed to protesting against the very real global threats we face that we sometimes forget that we have very real, local fixes to many problems. I’ve yet to see anyone walk away from a tree planting day feeling that they haven’t achieved something, so very simple, but incredibly satisfying and worthwhile”

Joseph Ridsdale, Brighton